In adaptation to democratic reform and social opening-up in Taiwan,
the College of Social Science was established in 1997,
making National Cheng Kung University into a comprehensive university.
Under the efforts of all the deans, 4 major departments
(Department of Political Science, Department of Economics,

Department of Law, and Department of Psychology) and
2 independent institutes (Institute of Political Economy,
Institute of Education) have been established.

High Light Center

Mind Research And
Imagine Center

Public Affairs Research Centre
for Human Rights

Cloud Classroom for
Cognitive Connection and Enhancement

Congratulations on Mr. Yuli Isnadi and Prof. Chin-Fu Hung for rewarding Best Paper Award.

Congratulations on Mr. Yuli Isnadi of Graduate Institute of Political Economy and Associate Dean Prof. Chin-Fu Hung whose paper "China' expanding drea..


Taiwan-France Workshop and Symposium came to an end

Taiwan-France Workshop and Symposium came to an end on 6/15. Many thanks to all the participants and Prof. Andre Lucas who came from a long way to Tai..


Invitation to 5/1 Faculty teatime

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, the College and its research centers is holding a Faculty-teatime lecture on 1st May. The detailed information is a..


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