In order to have a unique character of its own, the College will focus research topics on Southern Taiwan and the surrounding Asian Pacific countries. It is anticipated that this College will play a major role in mobilizing the study of Asian Pacific societies, cultures and countries such as China, Japan, Korea, and Russia. To attain this objective, the College will ensure more efficient and rewarding utilization of both human and material resources.

As of 2013, the college faculty have published at least 15 books either in foreign languages or in Chinese. Over 200 scholarly articles have been published in English or in Chinese journals. Among them, more than 70 articles were published in SSCI, SCI, or TSSCI journals. About 120 papers have been presented at scholarly conferences, and nearly 70 research reports of various types have also been completed, with a total budget of up to 65 million dollars.

The College is set to promote a congenial atmosphere for its staff and students. This is to be done primarily through public forums and academic conferences of different scales and formats. This has the immediate purpose of pulling down the long-standing intellectual and psychological barriers in this University between the physical sciences on the one hand and humanities and social sciences on the other.