The College of Social Sciences expects to become one of the leading academic institutions for social sciences in Taiwan. The College, when fully developed, will comprise five departments and ten graduate institutes in the near future. It is aimed at fulfilling the faculty and students’ global vision and benefit the society at large.

With regard to teaching, various compulsory courses will be set up for students of the College. For research, research projects will be set up to coordinate with different colleges’ scholars and disciplines. With regard to services, the College cooperates with the community and related universities and drives local and global prosperity. The College aims to include major fields in social sciences, to integrate departments, to enrich teaching and research activities, and thereby to equip the students with skills and critical thinking for the development of the nation and the society. By doing so, the College will try to balance the development of human and social sciences and to be the consolidator of natural sciences and engineering in the University. With the University’s prominent tradition, excellent facilities and outstanding alumni, the college will stand uniquely as one of the most important universities in Taiwan.